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10 ridiculous habits of a girl that a real adult woman must forget about it

Many things are forgiven for capricious little girls, but some attitudes are not at all appropriate and tolerated in an adult woman.

We’ve put together some tips to help you forget about some harmful female habits. By applying them, you will be able to make your relationships improve.

Make head without saying why

With your partner, you form a team. And as in any team, you must learn to identify how everyone feels and understand you in one look. But when it comes to resentment and discord, do not wait for miracles: tell him clearly what you did not like and ask him to help you find a solution.


If you really want to know what’s going on in other people’s lives, ask them directly. They may feel better able to talk to someone and you can sometimes help them with your support and advice.

Make him a scandal if he does not answer you quickly

Sometimes you get a message from your partner, but you have a work meeting, a workout or some other reason that you can not cancel or delay under any circumstances. So you hope for the right moment to answer. Thus, when we send our message, we must always think about the fact that our interlocutor can be busy.

Mocking the passions of others

If we were all alike, the world would be a boring place. Try to be more tolerant of your partner’s hobbies, or even better, try to interest you.

Crying to get what you want

Tears can only make the atmosphere more complicated and cause unpleasant reactions. There is a solution: when your partner does not want to answer your request, explain to them why this is so important to you.

Take into account the opinion of your friends about your couple instead of talking to them

The more friends you have, the more opinions you get. But even the wisest people do not know the recipe for happiness. Your relationship with the other is a small world that you build together. That’s why everything about your relationship should be discussed between you only.

Make a scandal if your partner does not want to spend all his free time with you

Even the most loving and faithful people sometimes want to spend time with friends and loved ones, practice their hobbies or simply be alone. And that’s not bad. As a result of your short separations, you will find time to enjoy the moments when you are together.

Spoil your family’s budget money without asking your partner’s opinion

The basic rule of the common budget is: any decision regarding expenses is taken together. And it does not matter if it’s a purchase for both or just for you. It is very unpleasant to discover that your partner is wasting money on his whims while the other planned to be able to organize a trip for two soon.

Read letters and messages from your partner

Any relationship is based on trust. Do not search your spouse’s e-mail or smartphone. If late calls and messages bother you, talk to him and explain why you do not like it.

Attempt to change the habits of the other

Each person is unique, with their own tastes and passions, habits and interests. To accept a person as they are, to understand their world and to try to change nothing at home is a complicated job. But so is true love: friendship, desire, trust, and respect for others intertwine.



                                                                                           *Erraki Youssra

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