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9 unusual ways to use wax or paraffin 🕯

In general, the first thing we imagine when we hear the word “paraffin” are candles. And most of us even think that this is nothing but wax, and that it is not very useful. If this is your case, then this article may surprise you, because this “insignificant” product can be used in many ways because of its many properties.

we have selected for you some of the many possible uses of paraffin, to share the benefits with you!

1. Keep the jams

If you happen to make your own jams, you know that homemade jams contain less sugar than those sold on the market, and especially no chemical preservatives. For this reason, they can expire faster. A good way to keep your jams and marmalades home is to seal your jars with wax so that the contents are not exposed to the air.
You can do like this:

-Get food wax.
-Melt it.
-Let it flow slowly over the jam, and slowly turn the jar to make sure that the jam is completely covered, and thus isolated from the air.

2. Seal bottles

If you happen to make your own wine, liquor, oil, or any liquid that needs to be stored in bottles, you can use wax to seal them.

Proceed this way:

-Melt some wax.
-Place a piece of tape around the neck of the bottle. This will allow you to break the wax seal and open the bottle more easily when you need it.
-Dip the bottle into the melted wax, and turn it so that the neck is completely covered.

3. Lubricate the drawers

Wooden drawers are usually very pretty, but over time, they sometimes become almost unusable, because the wooden parts rubbing against each other stick together. Know that you can lubricate the slides of your wooden drawers by rubbing a candle in it.

4. Lubricate door and window hinges

Over time, windows and doors tend to creak and open with difficulty. In order to always open and close your doors and windows smoothly, you must keep the hinges lubricated. For that, you just need to put a candle on it, as well as on the closing systems.

5. Repair zippers

If you have a stuck zipper, know that a candle is the best solution:

-Cleans the zipper.
-Lightly rub a candle along the closure.
-If necessary, repeat the operation several times

6. Snow shovel

If it snows from time to time where you live, then you must have already cleared your garage entrance. Sometimes, the snow sticks a lot to the shovel, which makes the job even longer and tedious. But know that paraffin wax will help you deal with this problem.

You just have to wax your snow shovel! The same trick will also work with your skis or snowboard.

7. Preserve your cutting board

Wooden cutting boards are not very easy to clean. But a paraffin treatment can help you a lot.

-Uses food wax.
-Apply a small amount of this wax to a clean cloth.
-Rub the board gently until it is completely covered with paraffin.
-Allow time for the wood to completely absorb the wax.
-Removes paraffin residue with a clean, dry cloth.
-Repeat this operation if necessary.

8. Hand care

We constantly use our hands and expose them frequently to water, cold and heat. It is therefore not surprising that the skin of this area dries so easily. Paraffin care is ideal for softening and moisturizing.

-Plunge a hand into melted wax at low temperature. You may need to repeat this process several times to get a thick enough layer of paraffin wax on your skin.
-Then put your hand in a plastic bag.
-Then place your hand with the bag in a cloth glove.
-Wait 10 to 15 minutes, then gently remove the paraffin.
-Repeat the operation with the other hand.

9. Foot care

This process is very similar to hand care.

-Dip your feet in melted wax at low temperature. You may have to repeat the process several times to get a good layer of paraffin on your skin.
-Then put your feet in a plastic bag.
-Then wrap your feet in a towel.
-Wait 10 to 15 minutes, then gently remove the wax.



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