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A Briton has turned his apartment into an escape game of horror 🤡☠

Thomas Kolodziej has transformed one of the apartments that he owns in the English city of Nottingham, into a horror game escape with scary deco and actors heavily invested in their roles as bloodthirsty killers.

The escape game has been popular for several years now and a sub-category of the game that consists of escaping from an enclosed space has recently starred. These are places dedicated to horror, in which participants no longer need to solve an enigma but simply try to escape from (fake) killers scattered in every corner. A British fan of terror has decided to adopt the concept … in his apartment! Thomas Kolodziej has spent 3 months decorating the walls of his home inspired by horror films that are no longer present such as Halloween or American Nightmare. It is reassuring however: the young man of 25 does not really live in the place renamed “Nightmare Asylum” which now looks like hell on earth, he is actually a real estate owner in Nottingham (center from England) which includes the said apartment of horror. “I’ve been to horror houses in Poland and Ukraine, but they’re not as scary as mine. It’s my opinion. It takes a lot to scare me and although I liked them, I can not say that I was terrified, “says the manager of the premises, described as a” mix between a house of horror and an escape game ».

One-hour sessions cut short by visitors
Thomas Kolodziej has indeed put the package: the walls and floors of the various rooms are covered with fake blood and disturbing messages such as “Let’s play a game”, “Please send help” or “They are watching you.” And to ensure the thrill of its visitors, the entrepreneur hired a secret number of actors very invested because they traumatized one of the 80 groups who made the trip since the opening of the premises in April 2018. ” Four people locked themselves in a tiny room measuring one meter by one meter and stayed there until the actors left at the moment of closing. It promises … The “session” is supposed to last 1 hour but a majority of people only have about thirty minutes, according to the young man who is never short of ideas. “I thought of new things that I will soon put in place. I always watch [the groups] through the cameras hoping to see a situation that could give me new ideas, “concludes Thomas Kolodziej.


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