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A genius student creates an airbag for smartphones

Philip Frenzel , a 25-year-old engineering student, created the airbag that can save the smartphone from any fall with four flexible arms that expand in the blink of an eye.

Breaking his smartphone is one of the dramas of the present era. Not only are we unable to contact our loved ones and check their social networks (Oh My God!), But we also know that the repair or even the replacement of the phone will cost a small fortune – unless you do part of the clan of “I-m-plug-i-keep-my-screen-cracked-it’s-not-so-ugly”. The latest generation hulls that guarantee full screen protection do not always work, which is probably what prompted a German student to look for a more effective means of protection. At the height of his 25 years, Philip Frenzel has used the major means by drawing inspiration from an automobile equipment that has a proven track record in safety: the airbag. The young man, who is following an engineering curriculum at Aalen University, has developed a hull capable of deploying screens when it is dropped and thus prevent the phone from coming into contact with floor.

4 arms that cushion
How does it work exactly? It is equipped with tiny sensors that detect the free fall of the device and eject 4 flexible arms that act as shock absorbers. Once the rescue is done, the arms are stored by themselves and are operational for the next fall. Small precision however: the device only works on dry land, so it will be necessary to manage otherwise if it drops his iPhone in the water (it is suggested to start by not take him near a pool or the sea …) . According to Preview Online, Philip Frenzel is waiting for the patent for his smartphone airbag to be approved before launching an online fundraising campaign. Our little finger tells us that it should not be difficult to collect the amount necessary for the production of the object … The most awkward thank you even very warmly! Congratulations to the little genius!



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