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A new scientific strategy would make it for you easy to forget your ex 💔

An American study reveals a paid strategy to recover from a break through 3 steps. It costs nothing to try !

The breakup 💔 is part of these great trials of life, which is why it is a topic discussed long, wide and across. The main remedy of course is time, well known to mitigate all the penalties, but there are still tactics that, if not miraculous, open the way to healing. A recent study by the University of Missouri-St. Louis, in the eastern United States, puts forward various methods to effectively recover from a separation. To judge the effectiveness of the techniques, the team of researchers turned to 24 participants aged 20 to 37 years and experiencing a heartache. All had a long relationship of 2.5 years on average. The first test called “negative reevaluation” consisted of uttering unflattering words about his ex. The second, dubbed “Reassessing Lover Feelings,” was based on accepting the feelings experienced by the ex-partner, without judgment, by reading with conviction quotes such as “It is not abnormal to love someone.” one with whom I am no longer in a relationship “. The third technique was that of distraction, that is to say thinking of positive things that are not related to the ex. Finally, the scientists gave them a questionnaire about their feelings and showed them pictures of their ex, taking care to measure the intensity of their emotions through an electroencephalogram.

Two particularly paying stages
The results showed that successive techniques helped reduce the emotional responses of broken hearts when confronted with photos of their lost love. Researchers believe that this can help them better manage “unwanted” encounters, in real life but also through social networks when an unexpected picture appears in the news. The steps that have really paid off are negative reassessment and distraction. The first one helped to reduce the feelings of love although it made the participants feel guilty, and the second did not help to eliminate the feelings but allowed the young people to feel more happy. Study author Sandra Langeslag explains to The Independent: “Distraction is a form of avoidance that has already been proven effective in reducing healing time.” She praises the merits of “love regulation”, a phenomenon that uses “behavioral and cognitive strategies to influence the intensity of love feelings”. “To change [feelings] in the long run, you have to regulate them regularly,” the scientist concludes. It is well noted … It costs nothing to try these various tactics that can help restore the smile faster than expected!



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