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Being TATTOO could help you find a JOB 👔 !

Tattooed friends, no need to wear long-sleeved shirts at the office! Researchers at Miami Business School recently proved that tattoos are not hinderers to hiring, on the contrary.

Your grandmother, your former French teacher and even your stuck buddy all told you at least that with all your tattoos, you could not find a job. Well, they would have done better to turn their tongues seven times in their mouths before speaking. Michael T. French, professor of economics at Miami Business School, and his team of researchers have just shown that today, tattooed people have no more trouble getting hired than a non tattooed. They also noted that, contrary to previous studies, the salaries of tattooed women did not differ from those who were not.

Better: they managed to prove that in certain professional categories, tattooing could be an asset. Good news for the 14% of French people who have already taken the plunge. Right now, hiring policies are changing, and so are mindsets. And the design on the skin is no longer marginal, and even less vulgar. The new generation even sees in the tattoos a form of strong personal expression and thus tends to be more interested in the person to whom it is addressed. Hence the facilitated hiring. But beware, if the practice tends to be democratized, everything still depends on your professional sector. And the modernity of your future boss …


                                                                                       *Erraki Youssra 


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