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9 unusual ways to use wax or paraffin 🕯

In general, the first thing we imagine when we hear the word “paraffin” are candles. And most of us even think that this is nothing but wax, and that it is not very useful. If this is your case, then this article may surprise you, because this “insignificant” product can …

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It’s possible to communicate with dolphins 🐬

We could then understand those beings with whom we have, for the moment, only limited communication. Scientists have been trying to communicate with them for a long time. This is especially so because they are well disposed toward men. It will be a fascinating experience! Dolphins are smart and already …

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Do you know that seasonal changes affect mood?

Fall blues is watching you? We do not panic, it’s normal: science proves it, the change of season affects the mood. Fall is here, and you feel less playful, even melancholy. Well, this typical fall from the summer to the fall (yes, it feels much less when you move from …

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The most common fantasies of sex

An American psychologist led the investigation into the most prevalent fantasies among men and women. It’s likely to talk to a lot of people … This summer promises to be … very caliente! It is proven, a majority of French people are more likely to make love when the sun …

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The Latest Technologies 🤖 in 2018

“Neova” this unique electronic ring identifies the users gestures and turns them into music , this is MIDI controller to make a whole new use of your sound creativity . Neova consists of two elements : The electronical ring which is used to capture the movements and a network hub connected to …

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