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TV’s Highest-Paid Actresses

The latest list of TV’s highest-paid actresses is out… and one actress is just about lapping the field. Modern Family star Sofia Vergara tops the annual list compiled by forbes magazine for the seventh year in a row, pulling in a whopping $42.5 million over the past year — nearly double the …

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The Dangers of Porn

Muslim is always commanded to lower his/her gaze, let alone give a loose rein to his/her hungry eye to look at the private parts of others. More importantly, such acts cause psychological and social injury. Besides, many people in general, and teenagers in particular, waste their lives and times doing …

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40 things you did not know about the eyes 👁

We are used to cruelly pain in our eyes, sitting in front of a screen. Few people know that it is actually a single organ, which even science does not know all the secrets. We invite all those who work in an office to think more often about their vision …

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Bees 🐝 detect human diseases

The intelligence of bees is no longer to prove, moreover the community of a hive depends on an elaborate social organization The individual behavior of the bee is very complex and interesting to study for scientists. From a sophisticated miniature brain, they captivate those interested in artificial intelligence. Recently, the …

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Do you know that plants🌿are smart ?

It’s only recently that science has detected their incredible complexity. The plants would be “intelligent” and adopt reasoned behaviors. These activities, difficult to detect, are hardly perceptible because everything is idling. Plants would have a sense of touch, hearing and smell. Science recognizes more and more “plant intelligence” and tries …

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What your hand 🤚 says about you ?!

Is the future written in our hands? The imprint of the lines of the hands would, according to the chirologists, to evaluate the chances, the future difficulties and for some to predict the future. However, it is accepted that certain lines of the hands are modified in the course of …

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