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iPhone XS? iPhone 9?

Two weeks before the press conference where it is possible to discover its new iPhone, Apple has seen two of its iPhone and its new Apple Watch in the press. Apple has just sent out invitations to its big conference on September 12th. The same day, in the evening, some …

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A genius student creates an airbag for smartphones

Philip Frenzel , a 25-year-old engineering student, created the airbag that can save the smartphone from any fall with four flexible arms that expand in the blink of an eye. Breaking his smartphone is one of the dramas of the present era. Not only are we unable to contact our loved …

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The Latest Technologies 🤖 in 2018

“Neova” this unique electronic ring identifies the users gestures and turns them into music , this is MIDI controller to make a whole new use of your sound creativity . Neova consists of two elements : The electronical ring which is used to capture the movements and a network hub connected to …

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Storing Data on DNA Computers

DNA digital data storage refers to any process to store digital data in the base sequence of DNA using commercially available oligonucleotide synthesis machines for storage and DNA sequencing machines for retrieval. Government intelligence agencies have a plan to build computers that store information inside DNA and other organic molecules. Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), a group within the Office …

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