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Do you know that plants🌿are smart ?

It’s only recently that science has detected their incredible complexity. The plants would be “intelligent” and adopt reasoned behaviors. These activities, difficult to detect, are hardly perceptible because everything is idling.

Plants would have a sense of touch, hearing and smell. Science recognizes more and more “plant intelligence” and tries to unravel the mysteries. It is thought, even if we do not yet know all the mechanisms, that they are able to communicate with each other and to have a social life through chemical exchanges.

If plants are smart, where is their brain?
The brain would be at the end of their roots. To communicate with their neighbors, they are able to send chemical signals both overhead and underground.

If scientists arrive soon to better understand how these exchanges work and the exact nature of the chemical transmitters, they will be able to establish a privileged contact with the plant world. Our way of looking at agriculture will then be completely upset.

This decoding will allow a real collaboration between humans and the plant world. This collaboration will help plants to better defend themselves against pests of all kinds and to adapt to climate change.

The future of the ecosystem and agriculture in particular will be totally changed for our good and that of our friends plants.


                                                                       *Erraki Youssra 

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