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Facebook launches anti-spoil function

The social network deploys an anti-spoil function that will certainly change our lives …

Needless to say the opposite, we have all been spoiler the end of our favorite series before we could watch it because of social networks and especially Facebook. It is for this reason that the network of Mark Zuckerberg has decided to deploy an option, to hide certain keywords. Hallelujah!

A function similar to that of Twitter
This function is very similar to the one already used by Twitter. It consists of actually hiding the keywords of our choice for a month. To activate it, just click on the three points at the top right of a publication and choose the keyword or keywords that you want to hide, and they will not display any more in our database. news! For now, the feature is not available on Android and iOS apps, but it should still be deployed quickly. It must be said, this feature comes at the right time, well before the last season of Game Of Thrones – scheduled for 2019 – which will certainly be one of the most hidden words when it returns to the small screen. We can not wait to try this!


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