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Facts that you don’t know about human brain !!!

The human brain is surprisingly the fattest organ in the body comprised of approximately 60% fat and weighing about 3 pounds .

Neurons : The brain contains approximately 100 billion neurons that can send information at speeds up to 270 miles per hour .


Pain : the human brain itself doesn’t have pain receptors and therefore cannot feel any pain , making it possible for doctors to perform brain surgery on patients who are awake .

Thoughts : the average person is believed to have around 70 thousand thoughts a day , maanwhile excessive thinking has been linked to stress, depression and paranoa

Meditation : Neuroscientists have reported that brain structures change after only 8 weeks of meditation and the results are shocking ! The patients who mediated proved to have less anxiety , sharper memory , more energy , a longer attention span , a higher tolerance to pain , a healthier relationship with their body and an overal higher quality of life .

Neuroplasticity : Many people may not realize that the brain actually changes physically , much like the way a muscle grows according to the daily demands of our lives , the more often you do something the brain will change its pathways , in order to maximize its efficiency , like widening a highway to allow more traffic to flow.

Psychic abilities : in an experiment where individuals were shown either a calm or an emotional image randomly selected by a computer , the brain and the body showed reactions to the image 6 seconds before the image appeared on the screen , proving that our subconscious knows what is going to happen , before it happens.

The power of imagination : it has been scientifically documented that the nervous system does not know the difference between reality and imagination and will react as though it were really happening . For example : you may imagine yourself hanging off the edge of a building and your palms will begin to sweat . The best athletes in the world know this secret and practice visualization techniques to improve their skills in the game , while relaxing at home.

The third eye : Does every body really have a third eye in their brain ? In modern days , the «3rd eye » is linked to the pineal gland , shaped like a pine cone and centered in the middle of the brain . Suprisingly  the pineal gland actually has retinal tissue made up of photoreceptors , just like an eyeball .

DMT : the pineal gland is also thought to produce a chemical known as DMT . Nicknamed ‘’The Spirit Molecule’’ or ‘’The seat of the soul’’ . DMT is believed to be realeased during dreaming , during spiritual and mystical experiences , and during birth and death ,known as the most powerful hallucinogenic drug that can dramatically affect human consciousness .

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