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Flight attendants and stewards would be the most risky to cancer

According to a recent study, people working on an airplane would be at higher risk of developing cancer than others …

Hard finding for people working in the air, on board aircraft. A recent study published in the medical journal Environmental Health reveals that they are more likely to be affected by cancer than the rest of the population. Stewards, flight attendants, pilots … Unfortunately, no member of the crew is spared.

Breast cancer, uterus and thyroid more common among aircraft personnel
To reach this conclusion, the researchers first compared the cancer rate between 4,011 people on a sailing crew and another 5,713 not practicing in this occupation, with data from 2007. They had noticed a higher rate of cancer among stewards and stewardesses. They decided to renew the study protocol, first in 2014 and then in 2015 using an online questionnaire. Result? 15% of the people surveyed were diagnosed with cancer and it is those of the breast, uterus, gastrointestinal and thyroid that most often affect the navigating personnel that the rest of the population.


According to scientists, this higher carcinogenic trend among people working on aircraft could be explained by the fact that they are more exposed to radiation, not to mention the lack of permanent sleep because of their many displacements. Their circadian rhythm (the biological clock) suffers and is often disturbed, which unfortunately increases the risk of cancer. Ouch…




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