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In Australia, scientists have created a pill 💊 that prevents growing

Eat without gaining weight would now be possible thanks to this pill invented by Australian scientists. The worst thing is they did not even do it on purpose.

As they say, “Chance does things well”. And it’s not scientists at the Australian University of New South Wales who will tell you the opposite. While they were searching for a cure for type 2 diabetes, the researchers noticed that instead of having an impact on blood sugar, the drug was actually acting on fat.

How it works ? Once the pill is ingested, it blocks the production of ceramide synthase 1 enzymes, which allows it to burn the cholesterol and glycerides responsible for cardiovascular disease from fatty foods. Which means that, theoretically, if we ingest the pill, called PO53, that would allow us to eat a good fat Five Guys without taking a single kilo. And to investigate some French toast behind.

But, for now, the pill has not yet been tested on humans and scientists are not sure of its effectiveness on its metabolism. One thing is certain: it could help eradicate obesity, which in the near future should affect a quarter of the world’s population.


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