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In cooking, coconut 🥥 oil is only a “PURE POISON”

We thought we could do well by exchanging the bottle of olive oil with that of coconut oil in our kitchens, but we had once again fake all the way. And we do not say it, but a Harvard professor, Karin Michels.

We loved it in our pan-fried vegetables or on our toast. But all the while, coconut oil hurt our health. At least that’s what Karin Michels, a professor at Harvard University, says. During a conference entitled “Coconut oil and other nutritional errors” that she gave to German students at the University of Freiburg, on July 10, 2018 (but translated into English by the English version of the Business Insider). “It’s a pure poison” and one of “the worst foods you can eat,” she explained. It reveals that, according to her research, coconut oil is so rich in saturated fatty acids that it is almost as dangerous as lard and pure butter. Hum, good appetite of course.

That is to say that consuming coconut oil entailed risks of obstruction of the coronary arteries, breast cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer, among others … As a reminder, the agency National Environmental Health and Food Safety (ANSES) recommends a dose of saturated fatty acids of maximum 15 grams per day. This is why Karin Michels suggests that coconut oil is scientifically considered as saturated fatty acids, and therefore subject to the consumption rules of these.


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