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It’s possible to communicate with dolphins 🐬

We could then understand those beings with whom we have, for the moment, only limited communication. Scientists have been trying to communicate with them for a long time. This is especially so because they are well disposed toward men.

It will be a fascinating experience!

Dolphins are smart and already communicate with each other
In the 1990s, Louis Hermann in Hawaii found that bottlenose dolphins were able to keep track of more than 100 different words. It is even thought that they are able to understand certain subtleties according to the demands.

Recently, scientists have tried to go further. Until now, attempts to communicate have been made unilaterally. Currently research is developing a device that would communicate in both directions. If the experiment succeeds then we will be able to understand their language and they will also be able to contact us.

What language do Dolphins speak?
Dolphins do not have vocal cords. They do not speak a language. They communicate by body language and emit sounds by their vents (small orifices or nostrils located above the head and through which they exhale the air). They would exchange with their congeners messages in the form of color, shapes, possibly in the form of other signs invisible to us humans.

There is still a lot to discover!
Those who approached Dolphins say that they had the impression that they were guessing their thoughts. Scientists assume that the sonar (sound detector) of dolphins is of great precision. This also suggests an extrasensory communication. This animal would be able to probe us, such as an ultrasound and perceive or detect images from our subconscious. It would be necessary to further the telepathic experiments with these animals.

What will happen to the Dolphins after these experiments?
Such experiments are certainly interesting and could be used for all animal species. As far as the Dolphins are concerned, this implies that they are kept in captivity while working with them.


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