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Male Brain 🙎‍♂️ VS Female Brain 🙎‍♀️

There are many differences and conflicts between men and women in different life matters, because of the different way they think each other and their point of view, whether is it in work or study or even in the emotional relations that bring them together. It is always said that women and men complement each other, and it is inconceivable to be similar in everything. There are many physical, psychological and even mental differences between them, where scientists have discovered after several studies different differences in the composition of the brain of men and women.

 Differences between the brain 🧠 of men and women :

Studies by many scientists have shown that the interconnections of a woman’s mind are different from men’s. Men’s minds are connected from the front to the back, while the woman’s mind is connected on both sides. This explains the differences in skills and abilities between them. Of external factors and influences, and these differences do not give preference to one another, but they explain the difference between different behaviors, and the differences between men and women:

  • Response to feelings :

 The mind of women respond 8 times more feelings of the mind of men, and this explains the fact that the woman is more emotional and influenced by attitudes than the man who can maintain his cohesion.

  • Attention to detail:

The nature of a woman’s mind enables her to pay attention to different details, because when she focuses on something, it occupies an area in her mind that is larger than that of the man.

  • Power of observation:

Women are able to record more accurate observations than men.

  • Response Speed:

Responding to women faster than men, they are able to think of quick reactions.

  • Memory :

Women have a stronger memory than men, especially when it comes to remembering names, places, and faces.

  • Acquire Languages :

The woman’s mind is better able to learn languages. It is easier for women to learn new languages, but it is difficult for them to find solutions to problems. Unlike men, it is difficult for them to learn new languages, but they can solve a problem easily. Therefore, the girl child is smarter than the male child.

  • Multitasking :

Men are “unipolar” who can focus on one job at a time, so we see the most famous cooks and fashion designers are men, because they are able to separate the different parts of their lives and focus on just one thing, while the mind of women can perform more than one task at a time , it means that woman has Multitasking .

  • Activity :

The woman’s mind is more active than the man. Some men sit for hours in front of the TV without a goal, or go fishing and spend hours in the water without catching anything.

  • Brain’s size :

The man’s mind is bigger than the woman’s, but this difference in size, as scientists have shown, does not give men a preference over women. In a number of tests, men showed superiority in spatial intelligence tests.

  • The way of talking :

The woman talks a lot and without thinking, while the man is keen to think in each letter before saying it , where women use indirect way to talk, while men use direct method.

  • In relationships and work : 

If a woman does not feel happy in her relationships in general , she can not focus on her work . On the other hand, if a man is not happy with his work, he can not focus on his external relations.

  • Finding solutions to problems :

When a man encounters many problems, his mind automatically classifies the problems and separates each problem and then begins to think about solutions to each problem. Unlike the woman, her mind can not categorize the problem and often resort to helping others and always needs to be heard. Regardless of whether you find her solution or not.

  • Lying :

A man fails to lie to a woman if she is in front of him, because the mind of the woman can observe 70% of the facial expressions, 20% of the body language, 10% of the movement of the lips, unlike the man he does not have that gift and women can lie to him easily and face him.




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