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Rihanna releases a palette inspired by Morocco

The summer will be hot with the new range of the brand Fenty Beauty: Moroccan Spice!

The launch of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand was one of the beauty events of the year! Between her foundations of complexions thought to flatter all the complexions and her products of makeup for the body, she tries to revolutionize the environment. Latest announcement: the Moroccan Spice make-up line.

A collection inspired by the colorful souks of Marrakech, the sand of the Sahara and the blue Klein of Moroccan architecture. The star of this range? The palette of Moroccan spices: 16 eyeshadow satin, matte, pearly and metallic velvety pigments and intense. An infinity of looks are available to you!

A palette that has not failed to be tested by Rihanna herself on the red carpet. She has paired her favorite shades like the Evil Genie-inspired turquoise eye shadow in the Wild Thoughts video clip last summer.

The rest of the range consists of a long eyeliner that matches all eye shapes, a base to give more intensity and two brushes to apply and melt shadows.



شارك على

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