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This artist makes collages on Instagram and surprises the web!!

Her name is Sara Shakeel, and her montages are hypnotic.

Sara Shakeel is a Pakistani artist who makes collages using Photoshop. She converted to this activity after studying medicine that would make her a dentist. She found in the photo montages, a therapy that helped her to move on after graduation.

This artist is particularly known for having made a collage on which she celebrates the normality of stretch marks by dressing them with sparkling patterns. In addition to his artistic prowess that aims to spread positivity, his collages are also a reflection of the pop culture of the moment. As we can see with faces of singers or models today, or with fries of a famous brand of fast food.

And to give originality to its montages, it adds one of its special ingredients: diamonds, sequins, small goldfish that swim or octopus tentacles.

You can take a look below …


A bit of @selenagomez in Crystals 💎 . . It is tough being a citizen of a “developing country” especially with a heart of an artist , a dream of being a traveller, creating visions of freedom and hope! You are scrutinised, stripped in and out to the core of your soul! Especially when you want to step out of your country, to see & experience MORE! As an artist like me, who has fought all her life, to become who I am today! 27 , never graduated as a Dentist , Everyday I have to remind myself, someday I will live a life of freedom & happiness, where I will NEVER be judged for what I do , what I create & where I am from, I hope someday my work will speak that language ! The language of love & hope for the ones without hope! 🕊 . . CollageArt SaraShakeel Selena in @coach . . #art #vision #create #Creative #patience #love #sad #god #crystal #crystalart #arte #bw #selenagomez #graphic #oneday #someday #whypakistanwhy

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