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What your hand 🤚 says about you ?!

Is the future written in our hands?
The imprint of the lines of the hands would, according to the chirologists, to evaluate the chances, the future difficulties and for some to predict the future. However, it is accepted that certain lines of the hands are modified in the course of the life, which thus leaves a certain free will.

No serious studies have been done so far on chirology with regard to predictions. There are nevertheless many followers.

The main lines of the hand:
1: life line
2: head line
3: heart line
4: ring of Venus
5: Sun line
6: Mercury line
7: line of luck

Each hand is different, unique, as are fingerprints
The chirologist reads in his hands, observing the shape of the hands, the color of the skin, the length of the fingers in relation to the palm, the nails and their hues, the lines, the mounts and the particular signs. The comparison of the two hands allows him to get an idea of ​​the personality.

Reading one hand would give incomplete information. The most active hand, the right for right-handers, is that of realization. For left-handers, the hands are read in the opposite direction: the right reflects the potential personality, the left that of the present. For ambidextrous people both hands are read at the same time.

Hands reflect the temperament
We can not deny that when we shake someone’s hand it gives us an impression, allows us to feel the consistency of the hand.

The lean hand
It belongs to the one who does not have a great energy, whose stiffness in addition marks its lack of heat, confirms its stubbornness and its inflexibility.

Flabby hand
The one that crashes, marks the lack of physical energy, signifies the difficulty to express feelings, with in addition to a certain thickness, it betrays problems with food.

The soft hand
Belongs to the one who gets tired quickly, more taker than donor.

The elastic hand
It testifies vitality and dynamism

The firm hand
It confirms a strong personality and authority.

The hard hand
It betrays a great vigor but also confirms the stubbornness and the lack of adaptation

The stiff hand
She signs mistrust, difficulty adjusting to changes

The palm of your hand looks like a map in relief
It has its hollows, the plains, its heights, the mountains, and its rivers traced by the lines which furrow it. Each finger has a planet name that comes from Greek and Roman mythologies. The bulge below each is called mont. The interpretation of the mountains is closely related to that of the fingers and are studied together. And there … we enter a much more symbolic interpretation.

The thumb and the mount of Venus
reveal vital energy, willpower, reflection, tact and diplomacy, love, sensuality and passion

Index and Mount Jupiter
They would reveal power, ambition, domination, the desire to succeed

The middle finger and the mountain of Saturn
They would reveal balance, harmony and spirituality

Ringlet and Mount Sun
They would unveil art, creativity, harmony

The little finger and the mercury mount
They would reveal sexual behavior, communication, adaptation

What can see the chirologists in the lines of the hand?
The interpretations are not simple and a good chirologist will take the time to make a synthesis. Not easy to find. It also takes a good dose of intuition to engage in an interpretation.

The head line
The top line indicates intelligence and also means to lead one’s life.

The best line would be one that is clean, thin, deep and that goes beyond the directory. Ruptures in this line would give indications on the major events of existence.

The life line
Contrary to popular belief, the life line would not indicate the duration of existence (phew!) But would reflect the vitality and give indications on the major events of existence. This line is cut in time and when this line is cut in two or more segments, it would be sign of difficulties at the given age.

The best line would be one that is long, thin, clean and well marked.

The heart line
The heart line represents emotional, emotional and sexual responses. The ideal line is placed neither too high nor too close to the leading line.

A first glance would already give an idea of ​​the nature of the person. A straight line suggests a more mental and egocentric attitude, a curved line a more instinctive sexuality. The longer and deeper the line, the more it suggests a stable emotional life and a good balance between heart and reason.

The line of destiny
The line of fate reveals professional achievement, social image, family influence, fortune and setbacks.

The sun line
Its appearance, whatever the date of its appearance in the hand, shines the palm and brings delicacy of taste, glory and success in any discipline. It can appear at all ages of life when one has found one’s way.

The ideal line is fine and clean. It starts near the wrist and goes up to the junction of the ring finger, the finger of the sun.


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