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Our face changes color according to our emotions !!

A recent study reveals that our feelings would be reflected on our face by color … and it would vary according to our feelings!

We already knew that we blushed when we were embarrassed, or that we could “see red” while being angry. But a study by the American Academy of Sciences has shown that all human emotions are manifested on our face, with the appearance of colors! You could see shades of red, green, blue and even yellow. During the study, the scientists asked the participants to look at pictures of portraits, and to try to “read” the emotions of the people photographed. With only the different colorations of the faces, the people interviewed were able to decode the good emotion displayed at 75%. But what color corresponds to what emotion?

Different colors according to feelings
The researchers then discovered that we do not become only red if we are upset! Disgust is one of the most egregious emotions, since when you think “yuck,” yellow-bluish colors would appear around the mouth, and red-green around the nose and on the forehead. If our cheeks and temples become red and a little blue, it would be a sign of happiness! Finally, if we keep these colors on the face with a slightly redder forehead and a less blue hair, this should be a sign of astonishment … The professor in charge of the study also admitted that makeup could be, unconsciously, a way to send back signals of our true feelings, to make us happier, or on the contrary, more negative …


*Youssra Erraki

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