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The bad things that you do to your dog 🐕 without realizing it

If you are the owner of a dog you surely want him to be in good health and to have a long and happy life. But sometimes we do things that can potentially hurt our four-legged friends, without even realizing it. Dogs are curious, adventurous and they often behave like little children, to the point where they create problems. In this article, we want to highlight some common mistakes that dog owners are used to committing. So you can avoid them and your four-legged friends would be safe from future incidents.

We love dogs and we understand that it is very normal that they are part of the family. This is why we will explain some essential points so that you can act correctly and thus keep your dogs in good health.

1. Choosing a bad necklace

First, you have to decide whether to take a collar or a harness, and then choose the right size and material. These decisions vary according to the animal. If your dog is an adventurer or likes to explore everything around him, the harness can be better than the collar. The latter could indeed seriously damage his neck if you shoot too much. The second step is to find him the right size for his neck.

If the collar is too big, your dog can escape and if it is too small, the collar may strangle him and cause serious injuries. The rule says that for small and medium dogs, you must be able to pass a finger between the collar or the harness and the animal. For large and very large dogs, you must be able to pass two.

2. Leave your dog alone in the car

We will not repeat it enough but you must NEVER leave your dog alone in your car. According to one research, the temperature in a car can increase by twenty degrees in just ten minutes, even if the car is parked in the shade. Dogs do not sweat like humans and heat stroke can happen much faster than you think.

3. Neglecting your dog’s teeth

The teeth of the dogs are talking and must be brushed like yours. And this is not a joke ! You should start doing it as soon as you can so that your puppy gets used to it from an early age.

Some owners think that giving their dog chew sticks replaces regular brushing, but that’s not true. These sticks do not wash the posterior teeth as would a toothbrush, which is studied for that purpose.

Do not take toothpaste or toothbrush for men. The brush and toothpaste for dogs are quite different. You can get them from your veterinarian.

4. Allow your dog to eat everything

Never give human food to your dog. It is too salty, too pungent and contains too much fat for them. In addition, a lot of our food is very dangerous or even toxic for dogs. So never give your dog the leftover meal. And especially not while you are at table, because it will give him the painful habit of begging (and dogs learn very quickly what they do not have the right to do!).

5. Bring puppies to dog parks

The dogs are very sociable but think well before bringing a puppy to a dog park. For starters, dogs are sometimes passive carriers of certain diseases. Then, adult dogs, especially older ones, can be very rough playing and running. This can scare your puppy or accidentally hurt him.

6. Use physical punishment

Yes, dogs must be disciplined but physical punishment should never be an option. Above all, it is an abuse against the animal. Secondly, it just will not work and all you will win is that your dog will fear you. Reward-based training is much more effective than physical discipline.

If your dog is all the time nonsense it may be time to enroll in a school training.

7. Lack of stimulation or training

Dogs need mental and physical stimulation. In addition, this stimulation must be constant, especially for breeds of large dogs or dogs that have provisions for performing specific tasks, such as German shepherds, border collies or guide dogs. The regular walk must become a mandatory family activity and this must be taken into account before choosing the type of dog you want to have. Dogs do not just need exercise, but they also need to be used to different sounds and smells, as this helps their brain function. If the dogs do not receive adequate stimulation, they may begin to have negative behaviors such as digging, chewing or destroying objects.

8. Do not protect your dog in the car when traveling together

We always use a seatbelt for children and there is a very important reason for that. Whether you believe it or not, dogs are no different from kids. In the event of an accident, they can be injured and in more serious cases they may even die. There are different ways to protect your dog in the car so look for the shape that suits you best.

9. Shout at your dog when he does something wrong

Shouting is another thing you should never do when you want to train your dog. It does not work and you’re just driving him crazy because he does not understand most of what you’re telling him. And this especially if you’re upset about something that happened more or less long ago. Your dog will not only be scared but more, it will be even more lost.

10. Forget the treatment against fleas, ticks and parasites

Preventive treatment against fleas, ticks, parasites and worms is crucial if you have a dog. It is possible to take a break from all these treatments in winter if the climate is cold enough. But first you have to discuss it with your veterinarian. Prevention is better than cure.

11. Leave dangerous objects within reach of your dog

Dogs are, by nature, adventurers and this is already embarrassing. Prepare your home so that it is a friendly and safe space for them. Be sure to remove any items your dog may chew or swallow such as drugs, false nails, batteries and socks. Socks seem to be the favorite game of dogs as they bite and shoot. But be careful because if your friend on all fours swallows one, it may be that it remains stuck in his throat.

12. Neglecting health problems specific to your dog’s breed

Some breeds of dogs have specific needs with regard to fur, skin or cleanliness, and in the event that you ignore them, they may develop particular health problems. There are breeds that have predispositions for certain diseases. If your dog is in this group, you must know how to recognize the symptoms and pay attention to them.



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