The Scarecrow 🎃

The scarecrow is a decoy or mannequin, often in the shape of a human. Humanoid scarecrows are usually dressed in old clothes and placed in open fields to discourage birds from disturbing and feeding on recently cast seed and growing crops. Scarecrows are used across the world by farmers, and are a notable symbol of farms and the countryside in popular culture.

Its story goes back to an old farmer in Arizona, who owned the best farm in the area and his crops were the best. People came from all over the world to buy their goods. Whenever people asked him how he could grow these good quality crops, the old farmer says all the credit goes back to his scarecrow .

The old farmer had built the Scarecrow himself, to have a scary sight . He spent months working on, to make it as scary as possible. He knew how important it was to keep the pests away from his crops, so he made the enormous straw weapons that stretched about six feet long.

But the most terrifying thing about this body is that its head was carved by the farmer himself from the huge pumpkin, spent countless days and nights to master his design. The scarecrow was very scary , so it was sometimes afraid to look at it, It expels rodents and birds that are venturing nearby.

The neighboring farm was owned by two young brothers named Josh and Harold. They were lazy and did not do much work all over the farm. Their crops were bad, they were jealous of the farmer’s success and were conspiring against him.

One night, the brothers decided to sneak into the farmer’s land, stole his precious necklace and took it home, putting it in an old cupboard.


The next day, the farmer woke up to find the hideous scarecrow missing, all his crops attacked by mice, fell to his knees and screamed, the brothers Josh and Harald were watching from their own possessions, laughing loudly when they saw the old man’s tears of grief.

He heard the laughter, the farmer came and asked them if they knew what had happened to the scarecrow, but they denied it. The old farmer slowly walked back to his house, feeling defeated and depressed. That night, Josh and Harold had trouble sleeping, not because they felt any remorse, Because they could not remove the horrible Scarecrow image from their minds, they decided they would not be able to sleep as long as the ugly pumpkin head in their house.

Harold took the baseball bat, smashed the Scarecrow’s head into pieces and made it strewn around the ground, threw it into the trash, then went back to bed and soon they were asleep, leaving all the disgusting scapegoats out of their heads.
After midnight, Josh and Harold woke up to scratching noises and claws on their bedroom door, and suddenly the door of the bedroom burst open and an arm of long straw door, followed by two legs, freezing the two brothers of fear.
Harold felt a straw claw near his ankle and screamed loudly, looking at his brother Josh for his help but Josh was already escaping from the bedroom, ran over the entrance and smashed the front door.

As soon as he passed on his neighbor’s house, he saw the farmer standing at his door in the moonlight, and he felt that he was staring at him with a strange smile on his face, Josh was running, his feet bare, and when he turned his back he saw something afraid of himself he saw Scarecrow along the way was approaching closer and closer and noted that Scarecrow had a new head and looked like Harold.


                                                             *Youssra Erraki 

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