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What fetuses really appreciate when they’re in the womb…

A very close bond between a mother and her baby is formed much earlier than we think. According to one study, the fetus can feel the psychological state of the mother. Babies receive signals through the body and mind of their mother, so it’s so important that the mother-to-be gets as well as she can to make her baby feel good too.

we’re happy to see blooming moms, and therefore, just as happy babies, and that’s why we’ve created a list of different things that will make your future child feel good even before he’s born!

8. Sweet foods

Babies begin to distinguish different flavors between the 13th and 15th weeks of pregnancy. Your amniotic fluid has the same taste as the food you eat, and being in direct contact with it, your little one gets used to different tastes … Hip hip hip hurray for the “small desires” of pregnancy!

Food preferences are formed intrauterinely, so you need to make sure your baby is eating a wide variety of healthy foods right from your pregnancy. Do not forget that babies are particularly fond of sweets because it predisposes them to breastfeeding later.

7. Hot baths

When babies are mature enough to be moved by touching the mother’s belly, they are able to detect changes in temperature. This is why hot showers make them uncomfortable and can be dangerous. A warm bath, however, will do you the greatest good, and you and your baby, you will both feel calm and relaxed.

The sound of flowing water can also contribute to the well-being of your child. For an even better experience, pour water on your stomach and feel the reaction of your baby.

6. Caresses on the belly

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Your child’s tactile receptors begin to develop from the 8th week, and by the 20th week, the babies are big enough to feel the contacts as if they were outside their mother’s body. During this period, they particularly appreciate the tender caresses on the belly of their mother.

It’s a great way to bond with the child, and the future dad can also participate. Use oils or creams to massage and caress your belly, making gentle movements, while listening to pleasant and relaxing music.

5. Voice

From weeks 25 and 26, babies begin to react to the noises they hear outside the womb. And since your voice is the one they hear most clearly, they learn to recognize it. This gives them comfort and peace of mind because it’s a sign that everything is fine. An effective way to develop the relationship is to train your baby to the sound of your voice by reading aloud, or simply by speaking.

The baby will also like to hear the voices of other family members, especially the father, because it is easier for babies to distinguish between low and high sounds. All the conversations made near your belly will prepare the child to understand the different intonations and combinations of sounds of his native tongue.

4. Listening to music

Prenatal musical listening has several advantages. In the case of the mother, it promotes the production of serotonergic hormone, and promotes the release of endorphins that are also transferred to the baby. It also stimulates his senses and promotes the development of his brain.

Listen to different musical styles at a suitable volume, because the baby can hear it inside your belly. Also consider attending classical music concerts and exposing your future child to a variety of sounds.

3. Regular exercises

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The key to choosing the right exercises during pregnancy is: they must be safe, fit, and approved by a doctor. Cardio is the best type of activity during this time. The baby’s heart will grow better and will be stronger if his mother exercises regularly.

These workouts will slow your heart rate, and that’s a good thing, because too high heart rate causes fetal exhaustion.

2. Rest

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Since about 20 weeks sleeping has become more and more uncomfortable. From all the side lying I get numb outside hips and gluteals (not helped by my old firm mattress) and compressed shoulders. My usual sleeping on the stomach is out for obvious reasons and pretty much from 14wks on we shouldn't sleep flat on our backs due to the risk of vena cava compression. So many pregnancy pillows on the market…who needs something else to buy 😣 or you could take home a few of the restorative postures you might see in my #prenatalyoga class such as this one…"arm-chair" pose recreated with pillows instead of yoga bolsters! Last night I slept like this almost all the night (until 🐶 joined us!) and felt so much better in my hips and shoulders this morning ☺️ #brisbanepregnancy #brisbaneyogi #pregnantyogi #restorativeyoga #25weekspregnant #pregnantsleep

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Your rest periods are also moments of pleasure for your future child! During such an activity, babies take care of themselves and have fun, although it can not be said that they have a great list of things to do. They can still start making new moves and various acrobatics. But such performances do not last very long, so it is better for them to enjoy your moments of rest to relax too.

Your baby will take breaks to sleep for 70 to 90 minutes, so that his pace of activity will follow a pattern that you can enjoy.

1. Laughs

Ultrasound shows that fetuses “bounce” up and down when mothers laugh. This happens because of muscle contractions.

The hormones of happiness that are released when you feel good and you enjoy yourself also benefit babies, so make the most of your pregnancy and be happy for each new experience you will experience during this period!

Pregnancy is the perfect time to experience positive emotions and make the most of them. The better you feel, the happier and healthier your future child will be. So, give him as many things mentioned above as possible so that he develops well and becomes a very happy child.



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