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What is crazy love?

To love to lose the reason, so it would be that crazy love? Here are some ideas for thinking about whether you are experiencing big love or an unreasoned relationship.
According to all the classic tragedies such as Romeo and Juliet or Tristan and Isolde, we must believe that crazy love can have disastrous consequences. But to live a love as powerful, as intense as it may be to the reason of our discernment, is it not what each one of us dreams of knowing one day?

Crazy love comes without warning

All those who lived it describe it in the same way: crazy love falls on you when you do not expect it. Although it often takes the form of a true love at first sight, it can also be built slowly but surely. This is sometimes the case for long-time friends who know each other by heart and who discover their attraction after years of friendship. Madness has an ambiguous relationship with love, as is shown by the many expressions that combine the two notions. Do not we say “crazy love”, “love to madness”, “to be crazy about someone”? One could say that crazy love is, in a way, the sweet synonym of passion. It is a way of conjugating it, of declining it to bring it a little more spice.

How to recognize crazy love?

Crazy love would be distinguished from love in short by its intensity and the depth of the feelings it gives birth to both partners. Because it’s a fact: to be crazy, love must be shared! When the couple claims powerful feelings, they then engage in a passionate love relationship that leads them to isolate themselves from the outside world. It must be said that love is one of the first engines that bring meaning to our lives. It gives butterflies in the belly, hangs a nice smile on your lips and makes you beat your heart faster. Although these clichés may appear to be seen and reviewed, they are nevertheless physiologically recognized. Even the body goes crazy under the effect of hormones secreted en masse! We also talk about crazy love when it changes the behavior, when it pushes an individual to act differently or to change his habits, so that his entourage does not recognize it any more.

Crazy love: be careful not to exceed the limits

But it happens that an excess of love leads to breaking the rules enacted by our society, like the crimes of passion that are one of the most serious forms of drifting love. Excessive love often ends up creating a form of imbalance in itself. By dint of loving the other person in an unreasonable way, we end up forgetting who we really are. By getting lost little by little, we end up wanting the other to take away our personality, our free will. Passion contains in it a destructive force against which it is often impossible to fight. That’s why it only has to last for a while. The couple must learn to blossom without merging otherwise they will die out in pain and, sometimes, hatred.



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